Written by Scott Seargeant

"The best adolescent adventure script I’ve read in years. Akin to School of Rock meets Karate Kid."

—C.D. Richards


The Trail Home from Town

Mikie and Family’s House

The Malt Shop

The Fictitious Town of Sierra Bluffs

“It’s School of Rock Meets Karate Kid”

A kids Dream, A Retired Legend, The adventure of a Lifetime.

Genre: Family - Martial Arts Action/Quest Feature Film

Written for a G rating

Full length feature film est. 1:30


Scheming to meet their favorite martial artist, four country tweenagers rope a retired martial arts champion into coaching them to fight in the celebrity competition.


Ten-year-old, Mikie Jones has a dream to one day meet Bogan Petrovich, the greatest martial arts fighter in the world (in his opinion) and get an autographed poster for his wall. However, living in the rural foothill community of Sierra Bluffs, Ca. leaves Mikie little opportunity to realize his fading dream.

His opportunity arrives when an amateur martial arts tournament and exhibition comes to Fresno, California, just one-hour away. Twelve of the top martial arts celebrities in the world will be there promoting the tournament, including Mikie’s favorite, Bogan Petrovic.

Mikie’s not the most athletic kid, in fact he’s a bit chubby. Knowing this, he entices his martial arts friends Tina, Devin and Jimmy, to enter the tournament with him. For Mikie, winning the championship is secondary. Spending the day with his idol is his dream. To do that, at least one of the four kids must continue to win all the way to the tournament championship.

But challenges mount as they need money to pay the entry fees, buy uniforms and most importantly, find someone to train them. After, weeks of fund-raising activities and robbing their piggy banks, they still find themselves short on money, training and time, until they find a larger-than-life retired champion fighter, Angus Ramsey living up the street.

At first, Angus wants nothing to do with the “undisciplined rug-rats”. He has his own problems to worry about including how to finance his summer fishing trip to Alaska, live on a retired budget and what to do with his surprise summer-long visit from his prissy, city slicker granddaughter, Ashley. Scratch the Alaskan fishing trip.

One evening, Mikie and the gang use their primitive martial arts skills in a heroic deed that saves Angus and Ashley from eminent danger. Angus has a change of heart and feels obligated to be their Sensei for the tournament. Angus begins teaching Mikie, Tina, Devin and Jimmy unorthodox training methods which, from the outside looks like free-labor in the garden, but in reality, he’s teaching them the discipline and structure needed to compete in the tournament.

Days before the tournament, Angus quits as a misunderstanding with the parents heightens. The misunderstanding is resolved, and all is forgiven when Angus reveals his training methods and ceremoniously gives the kids their surprise embroidered tournament uniforms.

The day arrives and their excitement turns into reality as they enter the arena full of kids, all wanting to win a championship. Angus did well training them, both physically and mentally, as Mikie, Tina, Devin and Jimmy compete through their initial fights on their way to the semifinals. Mikie gets several opportunities to interact with his idol during the day. But Mikie’s immortal view crashes when he realizes Bogan Petrovic is a conceded jerk.

Angus makes a discovery before the semi-finals. If Mikie and Jimmy win their next fight, they will have to fight each other for the championship. Jimmy declares he won’t fight his friend Mikie if they both get to the finals. Mikie devises a risky plan to disqualify himself so Jimmy will fight in the championship. It works and Jimmy, Tina and Devin win their divisions and are crowned champions.

Mikie got what he came for or at least he thought he did. Winning was not his main goal. Meeting the greatest martial artist of all time and getting an autographed poster was. After the championship ceremonies, Mikie takes the gang to complete his goal, find the poster and get it signed. But during the tournament, Mikie (and the gang) realize who the greatest martial artist of all time really is, as they buy a poster of Angus and present him with the honor of signing it.