was the first film produced by Scott and Revolier Films.

“I’m an International Arborist and my goal was to give the audience the feeling the tree was a part of the family much like a dog or cat. The tree bleeding was my way of symbolizing the bond Bonnie and her Dad Ben had with the tree.

The bleeding tree also has significance to Ben at war being injured. This part of the story was not filmed do to budgetary reasons. However, it is part of the larger story.

The Fallen was shot in 4K on a tiny budget,

my creativity was challenged by the lack of funds.

the opening scene was accomplished by essentially constructive a rail system along the outside of the tree from the top winding around to the bottom. “I had to place the support post in strategic position so as not to be seen. Everything was painted black.”

Real tree trimmers we’re used to cut the tree down. The baby birds were shot at an aviary in Fresno.

“I hauled material from the film site to the aviary and staged the scene where the birds had fallen out of the nest. The actual filming of the birds too less than two minutes and the baby birds were safely return to the aviary.”

To get the desired effect of the tree bleeding I drilled into the tree, inserted a pressurized tube from a prayer. The cuts into the tree had to be precisely made to go through the drill hole so when the saw cut into the hole the pressure was released and the movie blood was released.

‘The Fallen was shot in the spring and we were unable to get the footage we wanted for the end as the grass turned brown literally within days from unusually high temperatures. We inprovided the best we could.

The Fallen received to nominations from film festivals.

THE FALLEN - short