Capturing the Emotional Story

I learned photography from my aunt at Seven years of age. I’ve taken photos ever since. Today, the digital world creates endless possibilities and provides access to the art of photography.

Most of my photographs are unplanned and in the moment. For this, I mostly use my iPhone, it’s always on me and I can “shoot from the hip” with the best of them.

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Under the Boardwalk

This Saxophonist drew quite a crowd while playing under the pier. The sound resonated and permeated the shoreline in beautiful song. I was fortunate enough to capture the essence of his gift during those few special moments.

The Golden Hour

The Portal to…

"This was truly an unbelievable moment as the magic hour presented a golden opportunity. It’s as if the way into the universe lies just beyond the light."

Living on the Edge

Stopping by the Grand Canyon on a Snowy Day.

I visited in late winter on a day the snow and sun fought for my attention. As the clouds parted the sun glistened this scene. I took the photo, then just stood there enjoying the moment, as the next snow flurry approached.


I was playing golf and a passenger in the golf cart. I saw the potential ahead and pulled out my iPhone.

While traveling at top cart speed, I took the photograph. There was no time to set up or compose, I did it all by feel. I’m very pleased at the results.