When your life’s a joke, start laughing

Genre: (A not so) Romantic Drama

A self-discovery story - set during the Christmas season. 

Type: Feature Film


She’s depressed and could use a good laugh, He’s a comedian without an audience.

Together their codependency unravels to discover they don’t need each other at all...

Or do they?


Jane Margo’s internal struggle with her religious upbringing clashes with her desire to reunite with ex-girlfriend Taylor Walters. The pressure causes anxiety and depression which leads Jane to lose all passion for life. Jane tries therapy, exercising and getting out of the house but she cannot get it together long enough to feel normal. Jane is losing control of her life...

Traveling comedian Anthony Charles Baumhouser steps off a bus and walks to his next comedy gig at The Laugh Couch Comedy Club. Anthony likes me-time, beer and just getting by. So, no surprise he bombs his first night of standup dispute encouragement from Samantha the cocktail waitress. Anthony must “up his game” or get fired. Anthony agrees to guest star on a late-night radio show hoping to attract more fans. Anthony is barely surviving, until a 3:00 am phone call changes everything...

Jane’s depression deepens until one sleepless night she hears Anthony tell a joke on the radio. Except her electricity goes out just before he delivers the punchline. For the first time in months Jane becomes emotional. She must find Anthony and hear the end of the joke. After hours of calling hotels, Jane gets through to Anthony and agrees to pay him to tell the joke at her apartment. Anthony tells Jane the joke which takes her to a level of laughter and emotion she has not felt in years. She feels cured of depression while he feels like her antidote. Jane pays Anthony to tell her a joke-a-day for two weeks.

Jane continues therapy. She knows Anthony is just a crutch. The real issue is her religious upbringing and cushy lifestyle which she will lose if her parents find out she is a lesbien. Jane keeps her lesbian identity hidden. She has her therapist and Anthony believing she is straight and that Taylor is a “dude”.

Each morning Anthony tells Jane a joke. She laughs and feels a little better. A co-dependent chemistry forms between them. She feels normal while he gains confidence in his standup. Anthony becomes physically attracted to Jane. But their relationship never gets out of first gear. He doesn’t mind. He is secretly using their relationship in his comedy act which has grown to full house performances. Anthony and Samantha’s friendship steadily grows.

Their relationship could blossom if Anthony was not so preoccupied seeking Jane’s approval.

Jane decides to sleep with a man to see if she genuinely likes girls and Anthony is her guinea pig. The “love session” does not go well leaving both feeling awkward and unsatisfied. However, Jane confirms she is a lesbian and Anthony gets fresh material for his standup.

Their relationship quickly changes after Jane secretly reunites with Taylor leading to romantic makeup sex. Jane feels whole again. She no longer needs Anthony and treats him poorly. Anthony is perplexed but uses this new material in his standup.

Jane agrees to come to Anthony’s last night of standup. She brings her girlfriend Taylor. Anthony realizes he has been played. Samantha urges him to get it together. Anthony unloads a series of revealing jokes about his now lesbian girlfriend. Taylor enjoys the show. However,Jane is distraught and leaves. Reluctantly, Taylor follows.

The evening ends with a standing ovation and Anthony emotionally empty despite Samantha’s praise.

Weeks later, Anthony returns to reconcile his relationship with Jane, and he finally meets Taylor. Anthony heads to The Laugh Couch to see Samantha. He tells her she was the one that gave him the confidence on stage and he would like to continue their relationship and see where it goes. Samantha agrees and they walk out of the club together to catch a movie at her place.