A Bilingual Novella

About Revenge in a Foreign Country

created by Scott Seargeant

The Alien had reached 5 million people on social media after only two webisodes.

During filming of the third episode, one of our main actor’s became I’ll and had to stop acting.

Our goal is to recast and continue production, recapture and add to the millions of followers.


A Mexican girl’s family is killed by a drug lord as the cartel prepares to

leave Mexico, so she follows them to California -

bringing nothing with her but revenge. 


is a true David and Goliath tale filled with current issue include immigration, the border wall, the devastation organized drugs cause people, society and whole nations. 

The irony is the realization that change comes from within. A Mexican girl, with revenge for motivation, finds a way to take down the worst of the worst Mexican drug lords. Not to end the drug trafficking or end addiction. No. for the simplest of reason - revenge. An eye for an eye. Rojo Ron ruined Mia’s world. She feels justified to end his. The fallout from this is of no concern to Mia.

‘Let Revenge Fall We’re it May.”