from great pain comes great laughter

from great pain comes great laughter

A zany, chaotically-tangled psychiatric comedy.


The 30-minute sitcom hilariously seeking the balance between treatment and expression.


created by Scott Seargeant

Based on life growing up with a paranoid-schizophrenic sister.

This is a

comprehensive “proof of concept” creation.


A single, ideological psychiatrist on the brink of bankruptcy, must replace her employees with seven mischievously conspiring patients to run the office in exchange for free therapy while desperately trying to keep her country club mother from controlling her life.

Proof of Concept Reels

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Sizzle Reel - Proof of Concept Video

Paul & Alice OCD VS OCD Teaser

Actors talk about their own mental health experiences

Issac reflects on the role of “Trent”

How I (narrowly) got here. 

We slid to a stop. Hanging upside down. We climbed out the shattered car windows. I realized physically I would be OK, but mentally, the jury was still deliberating. Bewildered, I stared at my sister while she emphatically explained. 

“Jesus said he wanted to drive, so I let him… I guess I should have asked if he had a driver’s license.”

Imagine the humor, the stories, and the wild scenarios growing up with a psychologically afflicted sibling. That is how I got here. I created a show that is funny, relatable, and timely. A wild and hilarious sitcom with bouts of physical humor that makes therapy fun and picks you up, even when you are hanging upside down.

Creator Scott Seargeant -