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Revolier Films was started and owned solely by Scott Seargeant in 2014. All of the content was created by Scott either in concept, or in actuality.

Scott’s creativity reaches far beyond writing scripts, songs and poetry. Far beyond photography, design and editing. Past creating outdoor living spaces, diagnosing tree problems, or filling a need through invention.

Scott is a Highly Creative Person (HCP) by definition. He is able to envision and create from thought, designing, sculpturing or writing in his mind first, then he translates the mental imagination into reality.

I’ve watched him write a song, take amazing photographs, and built furniture by hand all in the same day.

Scott can do or create many things. He’s an 11 handicap in golf playing right handed even though he is left handed, he’s trained (and rode) racehorses, climbed Yosemite’s Half Dome, sailed on the ocean, rode the rapids, climbed to the top of forest trees just to enjoy the view while eating his lunch.

This website is only a small glimpse of his creative ability.


Climbing the forest tops just for the winter view.

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Temporary Insanity Sitcom


The Alien

Z Survive Digital Comic Series