Victor Hurtado

Actor – Musician

Victor’s acting and musical talents go back at least twenty years. He has a resume of commercials and films to go with his love of music and playing in front of audience wherever he goes.

You may have seen Victor on Howie Mandel’s game show Deal or No Deal winning $40,000 dollars. “That was quite a thrill being on the show and winning 40K. I love being in front of the camera whatever the job entails”.

Victor auditioned for the roll of Mia’s taxi Cab driver “Chucho”. He likes life simple, low key and no worries. So when Mia  gets into his cab and tells him to take her to the Drug Lord Rojo Ron’s ranch he gets a little nervous.

We explained to Victor that Chucho goes from happy taxi driver to scared and paranoid to worried for Mia all in the same scene. And in the end he feels bad for her as he leaves her in the desert at night. Victor understood the character and auditioned his way into the role. His performance was brilliant. In fact, you will see Victor in future episodes when Mia goes back to Mexico as he will reluctantly help Mia in her plight to kill Rojo Ron.