We were looking for an actor to play Nurse Araceli and couldn’t find the right person. I asked several of my casted actors if they knew anyone who could play the role. Two responded Tina Johnson.

I explained that Nurse Araceli is a complex character whose main motive is peace and helping mankind.  And that Araceli will be confronted with some internal struggles that eat at the core of her existence and may change her life forever. The role called for an actor with a deep understanding of character and motivation. They both repeated “Tina Johnson”.

After talking with Tina for two minutes I was convinced she was the right actor to play Nurse Araceli. Tina has a spirit for life and it shows in everything she does. She understood Araceli’s character and grasped her wants, needs and motivations very quickly.

 Tina loves making movies, and as a result, has become a seasoned actor with many credits on her resume including short films, features, commercials and modeling. Tina also has an extensive understanding behind the camera too. She has experience as a camera assistant, script supervisor, production manager, P.A. and producer. She not limited to movies or short films either. She has experience working in music videos and web based productions.

 Tina’s range of skills includes her musical talents in piano, saxophone, violin and guitar; photography; sports; makeup; and juggling.  She is proficient in Russian and French and fluent in her ancestral Armenian language.

She stays in touch with her Armenian heritage by performing traditional Armenian dances and cooking Armenian food. Tina loves comedy, improv and animals. She loves to travel and gets to quite often when working on movie productions.

Follow Tina as Nurse Araceli, the humanitarian who saves a distressed Mexican girl’s life (Mia) and gets innocently entwined into the underworld of drugs, murder and power.



Tina Johnson
Actor - Filmmaker