If it involves an adrenaline rush, chances are Austin has done it. He loves driving fast weather its go karts as a kid, midget racing or sprint cars, he been there and he’s still racing.

Austin’s acting career began at 10 and has steadily progressed and expanded into other forms of entertainment including movie and music production. He learned to play the piano, bass and drums and uses these skills in the studio.

Austin is trained in Jeet Kune Do, a form of martial arts incorporating elements of kung fu, fencing and boxing, devised by the American actor Bruce Lee.  He loves to perform and it doesn’t matter the media; acting, dance, D.J. or playing in front of large crowds.

We wanted a skeptical character in The Alien but one that was sarcastic with his skepticism. We Auditioned Austin and found his sarcasm up for the challenge. Watch Austin’s character through his two cents into the show as he weaves his way in and out of personal trouble.

As you would expect, Austin loves roller coasters, a good hockey game and watching NASCAR.


Austin Mero

Actor - Entertainer

Austin Mero as "Det. Wayne Brown"

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