Scott Seargeant


​Revolier Films

SCOTT SEARGEANT is the Creator and Co-Producer of The Alien.  He is the founder and director of Revolier Films which is producing The Alien. He is a graduate of Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo. He is also a published author. 

Mr. Seargeant started Revolier Films in 2014 and his first three film projects received nominations or won notoriety including the short film “The Thank You” which won the World Ag Expo film contest in 2015. 

Mr. Seargeant credits Revolier Films fast start to the motto on their    logo; The Infinite Pursuit of Emotion. “I base every potential project by  three main criteria; relevance to society, emotional credibility, and the film' must have a tangible end result or purpose. The Alien is a perfect example of a film project that  fulfills our criteria.

Mr. Seargeant has been in the film industry for over 10 years. He started with a cable gardening show then moved into writing music for independent films. To round out his film experiences he became involved in acting and crew work on independent and Hollywood studio productions. “I did it mostly for the experience. I knew I wanted to eventually produce my own film projects but I needed more experience. I wanted to see how others did it.” 

His vision of The Alien was influenced by his many trips to Mexico City, Tijuana, Ensenada and other cities in Mexico. He learned about the rich Mexican culture and made many friends while in Mexico. “I didn’t speak much Spanish but learned to communicate with the people as I began to understand the culture.” 

Look for three major film productions in 2016/2017 including the feature film THE PERCEPTIONIST; about a man who is a portal for the dead stuck on earth; some friendly some demonic. The story is based on a real person with real afterlife stories. 

Scott Seargeant