Miguel España was born in Michoacán Mexico, at the age of 15 years old he moved to the United States, where he started working in the fields of Central California.

 Since 1987 he had the desire of singing which is why he started auditioning for different talent shows in Mexico. His inspiration has always been his father Jose Jubentino España, as a young boy he loved to sit next to his father to listen to him play the guitar.

In the year 2000, he recorded his first album with all of his original songs. Thereafter, he had the opportunity to make six more recordings. “Since then, I have been going here and there following my dreams. I love my country and its people, but I love the beautiful county of USA. It has given me a lot of opportunities, I love its culture and the sound of the guitars it reminds me of the late Johnny Cash who is my idol.

During the auditions for singers, Miguel came into the room and before he started singing we had an idea of how we wanted the male singer to look and he fit the style. Miguel did not let us down after he started singing. By the end of the auditions we were sure that Miguel would be our male vocal for the theme song of The Alien.

Soon after, Miguel wrote the song “La Inmigrante”. Mr. Scott Seargeant director of Revolier Films as well as the rest of the team could not be happier to have a singer with such a caliber as Miguel. Follow Miguel’s performance in the upcoming show La Nación Inmigrante.
Sigan a Miguel el su debut como uno de los cantantes en el show La Nación Inmigrante.


Miguel España El Aguila

Singer -Songwriter