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Jake Lomeli

Actor, writer, Producer of Spanish Content

(559) 930-8925

 P. O. Box 1849 Visalia, Ca. 93279

Alien Nation Talk Show:
We have designed a 30-minute talk show showcasing the actors and events of each episode of The Alien. There are shows in English and Spanish. They are designed to gather fans and build curiosity/anticipation. There are three female hosts. Alien Nation Talk Show is a combination of behind the scenes action with film clips, music and guest interviews. The hosts are bilingual Hispanic females with experience in speaking/hosting events/shows. Most shows will be on a stage or in the studio. However, some may be on sponsored locations. Three shows have been completed.

The Alien Main Characters:

Mia (Karen Na)
Mia is Mexican national. Six grade schooling, knows a little broken English. Gets engaged to her fiancé but is naïve to his involvement in the drug distribution from Mexico to the U.S. She grew up poor and learned to take care of herself from an early age. She is the oldest of four siblings.
Her whole family and fiancé are killed by The Drug Lord Rojo Ron. She arrives to witness their dead bodies and vows to kill every last one of the men responsible or connected to Rojo Ron, including Rojo Ron himself.

Drug Lord Rojo Ron (Jaime Lyrix Nungaray)
A ruthless Drug Lord. Rojo Ron gets his name from when he was a kid running rum into Texas for his drug boss. Rojo Ron eventually killed his boss and took over his drug and rum operations. Rojo Ron moves his rum operations to Fresno, Ca. He has paid off many politicians to set up his business. Rojo Ron has worldly aspirations and moving to America is just the start of his plan. 
He loves birds and has them throughout his mansion. He has a special chair he sits in; from old Mexico; an antique from past drug lords; he is the seventh to sit in it. Rojo Ron believes he is destined. He is paranoid. He distrusts many of his men and executes them if they can’t prove their loyalty.

Detective Joseph Acosta (Jake Lomeli)
A detective in the drug enforcement division, Fresno, Ca. He’s married with two kids, speaks fluent Spanish and French. Intelligent, worked undercover but took the detective job to save his marriage, but his wife Anna is not satisfied.
He is loyal to his job and family but feels overwhelmed at the task of keeping drugs off the streets. He gets a new partner, Sophia (Sophie) DeVega, a Federale from Mexico with specific knowledge of Rojo Ron’s operations. Joseph and Sophia clash as their pride often gets in the way of their job. Their focus shifts to finding the unknown girl (Mia) who is killing drug dealers who work for Rojo Ron.

 Federale Sophie DeVega (Anika Strada)
A Mexican national Federale investigating Rojo Ron’s drug operations. She investigates Mia’s family murders. Her father was a Federale and killed by a drug cartel. When Rojo Ron moves to Fresno, Ca. Sophie follows him and works with Joseph under a joint effort between the Mexican and American Governments. She is smart, knows Rojo Ron’s operations, his likes, dislikes. She is a bad ass and makes nor takes any excuses. She speaks, reads and writes fluid English. Educated in the USA.


The Supporting Cast:
Anne Acosta (Gabriela Rojas)
Anne is married to Detective Joseph Acosta. They have two children. Anne worries about Joseph and the dangerous nature of his job. She is always in fear of bad news and would rather not know the details of Joseph’s job. This frustrates Joseph as he can’t talk about his day or confide in her. This puts a wedge between them.
About episode 6, Anne is confronted with a decision that could betray her family but save Joseph’s life. Season II reveals her decision and the ramifications that puts upon Joseph, his career and their marriage.

Captain Ross Beckman (Jeff Meacham)
Ross is the captain of the drug enforcement division, Joseph’s boss. His main concern; the safety of his officers and detectives. He is not motivated to end the drug cartels in California.
In his opinion it is a losing battle. Ross has done his fair share of first hand drug enforcement in his day. A realist, though some label him a cynical. He moves too slow and often clashes with Joseph.
Once Mia starts disrupting the drug trade in the area, the crooked politicians put  
immense pressure to find her. He realizes the situation he is in and the possibility of a
mole on his staff.

Nurse Araceli Zerounian (Tina Johnson)
Nurse Araceli was on her way to work. Needing gas, she pulled into her normal stop. But this morning would be anything but normal. She finds Mia suffering from exhaustion and dying from exposure to cocaine. She calls 911 and follows the ambulance to the hospital ER where she works.
She befriends Mia and helps her escape the hospital before Joseph can interrogate her. Araceli is a peaceful spirit. She helps Mia even after her near death from Rojo Ron. She unknowingly helps Mia become The Alien.

Ruben Cervantes (Javier Cazares)
Ruben is a street-wise agent. He grew up fighting for everything he had or fighting to keep what he earned. So when his wife becomes ill Ruben has some hard choices to make in the fight to keep her alive. Ruben has always been loyal to his job and fellow detectives, but the recent turn of events has him up against the ropes. Watch Javier’s character unfold and be ready for anything.

The Alien Trailers

"When a woman crosses the border seeking revenge and becomes The Alien"




The Alien Quick Sheet
Written and directed by Scott Seargeant, an award winning producer, publisher and writer. Mr. Seargeant started Revolier Films in 2014 and has received recognition or awards for his first three productions. He has a strong understanding of what he calls Human Interest Marketing and how to convey his film message to his audience.
Produced by: Revolier Films
Producers: Scott Seargeant, Jake Lomeli
Cast/Crew:Karen Na, Jaime Lyrix Nungaray, Jake Lomeli, Anika Strada, Ronnie Cofax, Tina Johnson, Jeff Meacham, Javier Cazares
Film Locations: Mexico and Central California from Bakersfield to Madera
Episodes: Three pilot episodes. Episodes 1 & 2 are completed.

Websites: The Alien can be watched only on Revolier Films websites. English website: - Spanish website:

Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: (see links above)

Episode Format: Forty minute bilingual episodes.

Distribution: On our websites: or

Dean Whitten (Ronnie Cofax)

"Dean" is a perennial college student in no hurry to graduate. He sells pot and other recreational supplies to students in need of a good time or to keep them awake to study, etc. Dean's girlfriend, Marion Sheffield, is the University Dean's daughter. That's how Dean got his nickname. Dean is protected on campus as long as he is hooked up with Marion. Off campus Dean is an informant for Joseph Acosta, an agent for the Drug Enforcement Division. When Villain Rojo Ron takes over the drug trade in the area, Dean is forced to make a decision to sell the hard drugs or risk the consequences. However, Agent Acosta won't let him quit as he believes Dean can help him put Rojo Ron behind bars.





Jake Lomeli

is an actor and co-producer of The Alien. Jake plays Agent Joseph Acosta, (see character profiles below). He is co-producer of The Alien in charge of all the Spanish content. He has the critical task of making sure The Alien is culturally correct for the Spanish speaking audience. This includes securing film locations in Mexico and in California that are realistic and culturally acceptable. Jake also translates the script into Spanish for the subtitles and the actors that have Spanish dialogue. Jake helps with casting, especially the Hispanic roles. Jake works with all actors with Spanish dialogue making sure they stay true to the language, slang, and culture. He also works with Hispanic singers to record music in Spanish for the website. 





A Mexican girl’s family is killed by a drug cartel as the cartel prepares to move to America.  She crosses the border illegally following them to California; bringing nothing with her but revenge. She becomes The (illegal) Alien.




Stills From Episode One and Two

About Revolier Films

Scott Seargant founded Revoiler Films in 2014 with the idea that all content must have a purpose and and end goal. Each project must have a high predictability outcome. Careful consideration including, analytical research, the human element, and marketability play a role in predicting a project's outcome.

A project moves forward once these requirements are defined and calculated. The purpose and goals do not have to always be profit oriented. Several of our projects have been charitable productions including The Domestic Violence Public Service Announcement (PSA), to raise awareness in stopping domestic violence for all, including men. As well as promotional videos for The Riata Ranch International Cowboy Girls, an NPO that empowers girls through trick riding and performing on horseback.

Our Early Success:

Revolier Films first production, The Fallen, received two film festival nominations. Their second production met its outcome by getting the featured actor into the finals of Diane Von Furstenberg's show, World of DVF. Their third production won the World Ag Expo film contest in 2015. Entrants from around the world competed and their film, The Thank You, won.

After several other successful productions Scott created the infrastructure for The Alien. After extensive consideration, analytical research and evaluating the human element, they started pre-production on The Alien. 

Calculated use of social media has allowed them to find their niche in the film industry. "We see the internet as an opportunity to interact with people all over the world. Our grass roots appeal and connections we make through social media are genuine."

The Alien is in it's third episode of a three episode pilot. They are gearing up to pitch the series to distributors and cable outlets around the world. They are already getting some interest due in part to their growing fan base. 

What's next?

Revolier Films has the rights to several feature films scripts. The two they are prepping for production include; "Perceived" (working title) about a man who is a portal for the dead still on earth; some friendly, some demonic. The story is based on a real person with real afterlife stories. "We asked him to write his stories down so we could create the screenplay but every time he would write he became inundated with dead spirits wanting to know why he was writing about them. The only place he could write in peace was on an airplane. Apparently, there are no spirits at thirty thousand feet above the earth."

The second is "Punchline" (working title) A traveling comedian gets involved with a depressed college grad creating a codependent relationship neither can get out of until she realizes who she really is. It's not so romantic and not so comedic, but it's funny and hot.

Who's Following The Alien?

The Alien is gaining momentum, quickly.

Using mostly social media to get the word out, Revolier Films reports a social reach of over six million people all over the world with concentrations in America and Spanish speaking countries. Within that reach, over two million people have reacted to our posts, websites, emails and texts. In the first five days after the release of episode two we received over fifty thousand website visits. We spent three thousand dollars on marketing and advertising on social media.


Scott Seargeant

is the creator, writer, director, co-producer of the Alien. He is also the founder of Revolier Films. Scott created The Alien from the storyline to all the main characters. He set up the production, marketing and advertising campaigns.

Scott creates the content for the social media marketing. He is the director of photography and also films The Alien using only hand held cameras and drones. Scott designed his own elevation dolly system and mobile motion cam device specifically for The Alien production.

"I wanted to be able to film without a lot of down time setting and resetting tripods. So I decided to shoot The Alien using hand-held equipment. This saves us a lot of time, looks more engaging and keeps the momentum during film shoots."


CONTACT INFORMATION                    
Scott Seargeant                                  
Writer, Director, Producer                 
(559) 799-8805                                             
P.O. Box 1849 Visalia, Ca. 93279

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