Ronnie Coelho

​Actor - Student

Ronnie graduated from University of Southern California (USC) in theater arts. After gaining experience in theater including True West, On the Razzle and 479 Class, Ronnie turned to film.

We met Ronnie during his audition for the role of "Bobbie" in our short film The Fallen (produced by Revolier Films). "Ronnie was perfect for the role and his performance proved to be on of education and experience as The Fallen went on to receive two film festival nominations.

Ronnie decided to go back to school and has not been as available for film productions lately. However, we talked him into auditioning for The Alien in a supporting role as "Dean Whitten", a small time drug dealer, part time C.I. (confidential informant) and career college student.

Dean find himself in quiet the predicament when drug lord Rojo Ron moves to town and takes over the drug distribution. Dean is forced to go big time into dealing drugs or risk losing his income stream or worse; his life.

“We knew this role was perfect for Ronnie. He can play the innocent type who is not so innocent and Ronnie nailed it at auditions.”

Ronnie is an avid weightlifter and holds a first degree black belt in Kung Fu and Tae Kwon Do. His skills include accents and dialects for Voice Over work and acting.

Ronnie interests include sports, martial arts, traveling, rock climbing, and  white water rafting. His travels have taken him to many countries in Europe including Ireland, Amsterdam and Holland. He is well traveled in the Americas too.

Look for Ronnie’s character in episode two when he is squeezed for information from Detective Joseph Acosta (Jake Lomeli). Dean, along with his high society druggy girlfriend Marion, (Margarita Kalacheva) manage to get into quiet the mess in The Alien.