Karen Na


Karen Na

Karen was born in Tijuana, Mexico and came to California at an early age. She is trilingual in Spanish, English and Panjabi. We noticed Karen on our set of the award winning short film THE THANK YOU and called her in for an interview for THE ALIEN. We quickly discovered Karen has unique acting skills, especially when speaking Spanish.

 She was put through a series of tests to see the depth of her acting abilities and physical stamina to heat, cold, water and endurance. We sent her to martial arts training and to train at a gun range. Karen had never shot a gun before. Her first five shots were center mass.

After all the testing, we offered her the lead role in The Alien. She was a bit shocked but was excited for the challenges ahead. Many people were skeptical and thought we were taking a big risk casting such a young talent. But we knew what we had discovered in Karen and her performance as Mia is exactly what we had hoped for.

Karen also models and continues to train as an actor through classes and one on one training. In her spare time Karen likes to run and listen to music. She says. “Running gives me time to unwind; to think. Music is a release for me and it also helps me with my acting as some songs can trigger emotions that I can use in my characters to portray the desired emotion of a scene or film.”