Javier Cazares
Associate Producer

Javier originally auditioned for the role of Alberto. I knew the minute I saw him that he wasn’t right for the part. However, I also knew I wanted him to play a character but I had already cast all the roles. So I wrote a character just for him. I felt he was that good and would contribute to the story significantly.

 Javier has a quiet commanding presence. He has the ability to deliver his lines as if he is not telling you everything. It seems he is hiding something important. Taking this into consideration, I created the character Ruben Cervantes, a detective on the drug enforcement team. A quite soul dealing with a sick loved one and in need of some help. But no one knows and that’s where his character becomes interesting. Watch for Javier’s character to slowly weave his way into the show.

 Javier was born in Mexico. He speaks and writes fluent Spanish. He helps co-producer Jake Lomeli with translating the scripts into Spanish. “It’s important that the meaning of the English dialog is kept in-tact when translating it into Spanish.”  Javier earned associate producer status for his dedication to the project beyond acting. Javier’s acting experience comes from commercials, and small parts in films. He is always learning and absorbing information to make himself a better actor.


Javier specializes in home improvements which comes in handy when constructing or designing sets. He is skilled in all types of vehicles including motorcycles. He has a wide range of skills and abilities and uses them in business and in his time off.


When he’s not working or acting you can find Javier in the weight room or in the boxing ring or maybe in a Taekwondo class. His other activities include running, biking, fishing or taking a drive on his motorcycle.


What we love about Javier is his ability to motivate people. He knows how to get the best out someone and it’s not limited to acting. He truly loves helping people. His approach to life is something many should follow. He’s a true humanitarian.





Javier Cazares

Actor/Associate Producer