Jake first became associated with Revolier Films creator Scott Seargeant as an actor in his short film The Fallen. “After working with Jake on several projects it became apparent to me that he possessed producer talents and skills.”

 Mr. Seargeant cast Jake in a lead role of The Alien and quickly made him producer of Spanish content and culture. “Jake knew exactly what I was trying to do with The Alien. He had the skills, experience and knowledge to bring it to a higher level.” The move paid off as Jake transformed The Alien to appeal to the Hispanic culture.

His talents in the film industry are not limited to acting or  producing. Jake is writing the script outline for Revolier  Films summer production of The  Perceptionist; a Movie based on the real life of a man who is a portal for the dead stuck on earth; some friendly some demonic. Jake will play the lead role. He also wrote and directed a national domestic violence PSA about bringing to light that men as well as women are victims of domestic violence and services should be available to all victims regardless of gender, race, orientation, religion or belief.

In Jake’s other profession he loves helping people who belong to different socio-economic backgrounds and connecting them to the different community partners who can provide services for them and their families. “This is one of my passions, to have the ability to make a difference in someone’s life every single day”.

Jake was born in Mexico City, Mexico in 1979 and has lived in; Jalisco, Tijuana, and BC., before coming to America. “One of the main things I have learned from all of the different places I’ve live has been the unique beliefs people have depending where they are from”.

 Jake's other abilities include rollerblading; shooting/handguns; theater,; cumbia, salsa and merengue dancing. He can speak and write in Spanish French, English and some American Sign Language. 

Jake Lomeli

Actor - Producer Revolier Films

Acting Resume