Gabriela Rojas

TV Host - Model - Actor

Gabriela Rojas has extensive knowledge and experience in the broadcast industry. She is in high demand for her skills and training and has worked hard to earn many top positions in television, radio, media, sales and modeling.

Some of her titles include TV Host for Telemundo and Azteca America, Online Radio Announcer, Modeling, Advertising and  Sales Associate for Coors products and other companies.

Gabriela has valuable experience behind the camera as well. Her sales and promotion abilities have benefited companies in a huge way through selling air time, booking guest, musicians and artists. Her attractive style has lead to many media and modeling events, including runway, corporate, and music videos. She is always on top of the trends in fashion, television and music and has a keen sense of what is on the horizon.

 Revolier Films contracted with Gabriela to host their new show Alien Nation. “When we met with Gabriela we were very pleased with her organization skills.” She is always on top of her game and is the first to complete every assignment with precision accuracy and relevancy. She is always well dressed and professional.

 “We needed to fill a role for The Alien and asked Gabriela to audition for the part. We were amazed at the ease at which she transitioned into the character.”  Watch for Gabriela as she plays Anne Acosta in the Alien and as a host on The Alien Nation show.

 In her leisure time Gabriela loves to go to classic car shows and work on her own 55 Chevy. She loves the feeling of accomplishment when restoring her truck. This is one girl who can turn a wrench as well as she turns heads.