Ciara Daniel

Writer, Assistant Director

Ciara started interning with Revolier films in high school as script supervisor. She quickly got our attention. Her understanding of the position and organization skills were better than many paid position people.

Before the project was over we promoted her to Assistant Director; a position she would hold until we decided to give her an opportunity to direct her own script.

She told us of this short story she had created when she was 16 about this dysfunctional family at Thanksgiving. I asked her to write a synopsis and send it to us. She did. Then we gave her the opportunity to write the story in movie script format. And she did. We then told her Revolier Films would produce her short film and pay for all the cost of production, post production and entering it into film festivals but she would have to direct her story.

 She agreed, and after 18 months of writing and rewriting, planning, auditioning, rehearsals and filming the story to date is almost finished. We expect completion by May (2016) and then into the film festival circuit for one year. We look for it to have a good reception and anticipate several accolades or awards.

Currently, Ciara is in college studying pre-law and will work for us in the summers on set as Assistant Director and Director. We'd love to see her pay for college through her film royalties.