Cathy Wilcox

Actor Voice-Over Artist

Cathy’s acting experience is long and diversified. She’s acted with some of the greats including Robert DeNiro, Sandra Bullock, Sean Penn and Ben Affleck. In addition, Cathy has appeared on Desperate Housewives, NICS, The OC, Curb your enthusiasm, Argo and other shows. 

She is also an accomplished voice over artist promoting Sweet N Low, plastic surgery procedures and cosmetic products. Cathy hosted her own cable show Voice of the Valley with Cathy Wilcox.

She recently expanded her acting to include supporting roles in two web series; Heart of a Horse, Talentless and Matt Scone’s feature film Alter. She just finished filming the short film So Thankful, written and directed by Ciara Daniel.

Some of Cathy’s activities include her animal causes (Humane Society), Wildlife Federation, no kill shelters, gardening, reading Traveling, scuba diving and treasure hunting. She is also skilled in English/Western equestrian (jumping too), conversational Italian, dancing, medical terminology, tennis, snow and water skiing.

Cathy plays a supporting role in The Alien as Captain Ross Beckmen’s wife Maureen. She is trying to get her husband to retire and worries for his life when drug lord Rojo Ron moves to town. There is plenty of tension and intrigue as Maureen influences the political landscape in an attempt to protect her husband and get Rojo Ron out of the area. Watch for Cathy’s entrance into The Alien in Episode three.