Bradley plays Pablo, a kid caught in the drug trade and knows no other way. He is a worker and has no status. He does what he’s told and in the end it doesn’t look to good for him. I wanted Pablo’s character to be a little deliberate, simple, uneducated. Most actors I interviewed didn’t quite get to Pablo’s level. 

 The character speaks only Spanish. So I decided to try an actor that doesn’t speak any Spanish. The idea was the actor will be busy concentrating on the words and appear to be deliberate and slow. It
worked. Bradley played the role well and when you see his part you’ll
understand Pablo. You might even feel sorry for him.

 Bradley is in the U.S. Air Force and has completed extensive hours in helicopter pilot training along with his seven years of service. After he is done in the military he plans to utilize his helicopter pilot skills flying on movie sets for Hollywood studios and independent filmmakers.

 In his leisure time Bradley loves sports and the outdoors and often goes off-roading on his motorcycle. We can’t wait for Bradley to get his helicopter pilots license and work on a future Revolier Films movie set.

Bradley E. Smith
Military – Actor