Co-producer Jake Lomeli was in charge of finding the actors from Mexico to play the roles of Mia’s family. The actors needed to portray an average family from Tijuana, Mexico.

When it came time to cast Mia’s mother Jake suggested Belicia Gonzales, an actor from Endenada, Mexico. He sent me a photo and I matched it with Karen Na’s (Mia) photo. There was a similarity between them. 

Next was a screen test. Jake and I traveled to Mexico and auditioned all the roles for Mia’s family. Belicia impressed us with her poise and natural style of acting. She speaks English which helped when communicating with the crew.

We filmed in Mexico for three days. The experience was wonderful. Belicia was the first person on set, in wardrobe and ready to work. That first day was tough. The weather was over ninety degrees and very humid with no air conditioning. Over the 12 hours on set Belicia was always ready. She knew her lines and delivered a great performance especially during the murder scene. Watch for her performance in the first episode of The Alien.

We loved her performance so much we cast Belicia in Revolier Films feature film as the mother to a boy who can communicate with the dead.

Belicia was born in Tijuana, Mexico and worked as a social worker until moving to San Diego working in the medical field. She returned to Mexico to study law and is now an attorney for the city of Ensenada, Mexico and is a partner in a prestigious law firm in Tijuana, Mexico.

We look forward to working with her again on our upcoming feature film The Perceptionist.

Belicia Gonzales

Attorney - Actor