We were looking for a new Alberto as the actor we cast was not able to travel outside the United States. We looked and auditioned several actors but nothing felt right. Jeff Meacham, our Associate Producer brought Anthony to one of our rehearsals. He introduced himself as a martial arts/cage fighting/fitness instructor.  He admitted he had never acted before. We told him not to worry acting was the easy part. It’s learning all the other things that makes acting a challenge. After an in depth interview we decided we found our character Alberto.

Anthony was a fast learner and fit into the role of Alberto perfectly. We worked hard teaching Anthony the acting “Ropes” and by the time we headed to Mexico for our first film shoot, Anthony was ready.

The role of Alberto is a pivotal one and a strong performance was needed to help set the tone for the series. All the actors needed to be on their game. Anthony’s raw talent pushed his performance beyond
 our expectations.

 Life has not always been that easy for Anthony. Growing up very poor gave him the incentive for a better life. When any opportunity came alone Anthony took it; not always with a happy ending. But Anthony learned from his mistakes and trained hard to become a professional Mixed Martial Artist. He was on his way, climbing the ladder seizing opportunity after opportunity until an unfortunate accident ended his career.

Picking up the pieces, Anthony started helping at risk kids channel their misguided energies into the discipline of the Martial Arts. Anthony was hired by the Mexican Government to help the Hispanic youth develop their self-esteem through Martial Arts training.

Once his contract was finished Anthony returned to the United States and developed a program allowing participants to set their own physical and mental goals through a combination of exercise, training and nutrition, what he calls T-3 Fitness.

Anthony’s hard work is paying off both in film and fitness. Soon he will open his new gym where he can provide his experience, and knowledge to anyone with a dream to be better, healthier and stronger.

Anthony Perales

Actor – Fitness Developer