Anna Louize

Singer -Songwriter

Anna Louise Ramirez (Born August 1, 1995) professionally known as Anna Louize is a Latin-American Singer-Songwriter and performer. Being the first generation from her family to be born on U.S. soil, she began her story in the sunny city of Fresno, California.  

Her mother and father both came from Mexico City at a very young age. Anna grew up speaking only Spanish in her house and later caught on to English when attending school. Every morning she would wake up to the sounds of Marc Anthony, Selena, Celia Cruz, and Ana Gabriel since that was her  mother's favorite music.   
When she would spend time at her father's house, his choice of music during the evening would be Mana, Shakira, Cafe Tacuba, and Vicente Fernandes. This led on to inspire Anna from a very young age to become an artist, like the legends before her.   
At first she did not know where to begin, Anna simply knew she had to sing and challenge herself to get better every time. Her father encouraged her to always sing in front of anyone, no matter the place or how awkward it felt.   

Her mother encouraged her to always look her best because a star was more than her voice it was the complete package. Throughout the past years her skills have developed and her talents also flourished.   

When Anna is not singing she’s shooting at the range with her fiancée, Ernesto Zepeda, or they're flying on small aircrafts for the thrill. Anna's petite figure can hardly capture the grandeur of her adventurous spirit and big dreams for her future. She continues making music from genres like Banda, Bachata, Pop, and R&B; steadily making progress on her way to presenting a near future EP as her debut.