​​When we approached Anika to play Sophia DeVega in The Alien we listed many requirements she would need to perform in order to play the role.

 This included weapons handling, police procedures, hand to hand fighting, running with gear/weapons, swimming, jumping from buildings and high places, and more.

We also needed her to portray a hardened no B.S. federale from Mexico. Her response was. “Is that it?”  We quickly learned of Anika’s extensive training in administration of justice techniques, procedures and her high level of experience. She is also skilled in Jiu Jitsu martial arts. A real badass. Anika was a natural fit. We gave her the role without auditioning anyone else.

This is Anika’s biggest acting role as one of the four main characters. She has other experience in acting and commercials. Look for Anika’s character, Sophia to develop in episode 3.

In her off time Anika likes to read, practice yoga, travel and hike. She is an American, born of Mexican heritage and speaks fluent in Spanish.


Anika Strada

​Administrator of Justice - Actor