Alonso Barba

Construction - Actor

Alonzo plays the role of Rojo Ron’s drug runner, Jose. We had Alonzo grow facial hair for the part. What we forgot to mention is he had to keep it until his three scenes are complete; the third being in episode two. So he had to endure for over 4 months. That’s a dedicated actor.

Alonzo’s character is a pawn in Rojo Ron’s organization. He is expendable and used to move product into the United States. When we interviewed for the role of Jose we needed an actor who could speak Spanish and play a truck driver trying to be unassuming and hide his heavy responsibility. Alonzo fit the character well.

Alonzo was born in Tepatitlan Morelos Jalisco, Mexico and move to California at an early age. He is new to acting and we anticipate more roles for him after people see his performance in The Alien. Alonzo loves a good challenged; is an avid golfer and loves anything to do with the 50’s.

 This is where Alonzo’s acting journey begins.